Website Maintenance

Spend your time working on your business, not your website.

Website Maintenance Services

Just like your car or house, your website needs someone to take care of it when things go wrong. When links break or your site goes down it can cost you money. Our Maintain plan will save you time, energy, and effort by keeping your WordPress site updated, secured, and optimized.

Scheduled Updates

Weekly, or monthly updates to your Core, Themes and Plugins with backups and

High-Speed Hosting

If you don't have a host yet, we offer high speed hosting at no extra cost to you.

Off-Peak Updates

We update your site during low-traffic hours to make sure there is minimal impact to your clients.

Website Security Services

Website security can be a great addition to your website maintenance plan if you’re taking payments online. We offer 24/7 security monitoring, brute force protection as well as managing your SSL certificate with our Protect service plans. This will make sure your WordPress site stays secure and will also keep malicious code off your website. The SSL also gives a nice little SEO boost for anyone looking to rank on search engines.

CMS Security Package

Weekly, or monthly updates as well as scanning and backups to keep your website secure.

SSL Certificate

We keep your site encrypted to keep your customers safe during transactions.

Brute Force Protection

We can change your login URL, force stronger passwords and allowed IP addresses.

Website Performance Services

These services are designed for businesses focused on their online sales or marketing. Our Perform plan offers blazing fast cloud hosting, tons of speed optimizations and monthly reports that will keep your online presence growing. We also include access to our Premium Plugin Library saving you thousands every year.

Analytics Reporting

Customized dashboards and reports to keep track of the metrics that matter to your business.

VPS Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud servers offer 99.99% uptime and keep your website blazing fast.

Media Optimization

Big files and pictures can bring your site to a crawl. We keep everything optimized for high speed and low drag.

Pricing Options


We will keep your site running smoothly.
$ 60 Monthly
  • WP Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring


We will keep your smooth site secure.
$ 120 Monthly
  • WP Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Weekly Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Scans
  • SSL Certificate


We keep your smooth and secure site fast.
$ 200 Monthly
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Weekly Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Speed Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Analytics Integration
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monthly Reports
  • Premium Plugins

Add-on Plans


Add a dedicated Copywriter to your team.
$ 2599 Monthly
  • Take your content to the next level. SEO, Headlines, E-Mails, whatever you need.


Add a dedicated Developer to your team.
$ 2299 Monthly
  • Great for adding pages and features to an existing website.


Put your blog on autopilot
$ 599 Monthly
  • We'll take your supplied list of keywords and write 2 articles every month.

Frequently Asked Quesions

Depending on the package you choose, this can be hosting, monthly updates, up to new site creation and copywriters keeping your blog on autopilot. 

The short answer here is yes. All plugins become outdated if enough time passes. This leaves your site open to malware and other exploits. Keeping everything up to date is the first step in keeping your site safe and secure.

This depends on the kind of site you have and how much security means to you. A basic blog may need updates every 6 months, whereas an ecommerce platform with 1,000s of daily sales will want updates at least weekly as well as an SSL and Malware Protection.

You absolutely can! One of the best parts about WordPress is that anyone can learn how to use it. Our services are designed for people who would rather spend their time doing other things for their business.

We can always migrate your current WordPress website to your new hosting. Many times a new hosting or some optimizations isn’t enough. If your site hasn’t been touched in years it may be time for a new website altogether.

For most websites the downtime from usual updates is just a few seconds. However we can schedule these updates to take place whenever your lowest traffic hours are to make sure customers are effected as little as possible.

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