Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting For 2022

Many new website builders have a hard time with ranking on google or getting consistent conversions. One of the biggest problems for both of these is usually caused by slow loading speeds because of cheap hosting options.

Nobody wants to wait 20 seconds for every page to load. Keeping loading times as low as possible is proven to increase conversions as well as improving user experience. Avoiding the cheapest host you can find will allow your site to load quickly as well as keeping your potential customers on your site and exploring products and services.

While a basic blog with a lightweight theme may be able to use a slower hosting, large databases or commerce websites will need a faster host to keep up with all of the demand. This is usually from loading pictures and higher traffic due to ads.

What Type Of Hosting Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right type of hosting can make a lot of difference in the cost as well. Lightening fast servers won’t have much effect on an optimized café menu, but server speed will help a ton when you have a huge database of pictures, products, and customers.


Shared Hosting means your website is on a server with other websites. As resources are shared, this can lead to slow-downs for your website when others on the same server are over-loaded.

While this is usually the cheapest option, it’s also usually the slowest. If you’re spending hours optimizing for tiny speed gains, you may want to look at your hosting as the culprit.

Companies like BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy are known for over crowded and slow shared servers. While it may cost more money, hosting providers like SiteGround won’t crowd your server. Prices can range from 2.65/month to 39.99/month depending on services and number of sites allowed. This keeps you up and running smooth without worrying about heavy traffic from other people on the same server.

Alante Web Design Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting For 2022


Your website will be the only one hosted on the server, therefore all of the server resources are dedicated to keeping your website. This results in lower downtime as well as faster loading times for your customers as well as search engine ranking.

BlueHost has some of the best prices for dedicated hosting, starting at around $100/ month. While this may seem like the best option, there is one more that we feel may be the best if you really need all the speed you can get.


This is the most used by businesses with an online shop is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting means your website is stored on servers worldwide which create a redundancy in case of any issues. This leads to faster loading times and more uptime.

In the world of e-commerce, 500ms of load time can be the difference between making the sale and losing the client. A study done by CloudFlare CDN shows us that with a 2.5 second load time there was a 1.9% conversion rate. Increasing the load time to 4.2 seconds cut the conversion rate to less than 1%. That means if you are making sales with a 5 second load time, you could potentially double your units sold just by making your website load faster.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!Alante Web Design Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting For 2022

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